Contract Attorneys in Santa Rosa & Sonoma County

Contract Attorneys in Santa Rosa & Sonoma County

Rarely does a day go by in which we do not enter into some sort of contract. Whether it is purchasing something online or at a local store, visiting a healthcare professional, or making a major purchase such as a car or home, we often enter contracts without even thinking about having just entered into a legal obligation with another party. If we own or run a business, we have even more contracts to negotiate and manage. Some contracts are simple and others are complex and require the expertise of a business lawyer well-versed in contracts. Our contract attorneys at Johnston | Thomas help clients create, understand, or enforce their contracts is an important component of our business law practice.


Contract Review

Contracts create legal obligations for all parties involved. Unfortunately, many people enter into contracts without recognizing the implications of their obligations. Others do not recognize that they have the capacity to influence the terms and conditions in the contracts they sign. It is not uncommon to sign a contract without even bothering to read it. While it is probably not practical to read every contract you sign, some contracts should never be entered into without legal review and consultation.


Our contract attorneys in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County region are well versed in reviewing contracts, taking special care to ensure that our clients understand all of the provisions of their contract.


Contract Drafting

From the sale and purchase of a business, home, or other asset, to an agreement between parties for almost any other matter, we prepare contracts with our clients’ best interest in mind. Boilerplate contracts often contain language that does not pertain to a particular client’s needs or in some cases creates an obligation the parties never intended. When we draft a contract, we do so to ensure the terms and conditions represent the parties’ desires and protect their legal interests as well. Sometimes clients have already entered into an oral agreement and want to memorialize their agreement in writing. Whether a simple and straightforward contract or a multi-page complex agreement is required, we work to customize contracts to meet the specific needs of each individual client.


Contract Litigation

Contract disputes are a significant part of the cases heard in court every day with challenges to the validity of the contract, the interpretation of the contract terms, or the enforceability of the contract. In addition, when one party breaches a contract, a lawsuit may be the only way to resolve the issue. Contract litigation requires a strong understanding of contract law, and the attorneys at Johnston | Thomas have the expertise needed to represent the best interests of their clients experiencing a contract dispute. To get the experience of our Sonoma County contract attorneys working for you, contact us now.